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It is the fact that oil supply is in short supply and high priced, and this means that economies of countries that disproportionately use a lot of oil in their economies are at a competitive disadvantage. Countries coming “late to the party” are in a good position to develop their economies using little oil and much coal, and thus keep overall energy costs down. This approach gives the developing countries a competitive advantage over the developed countries.

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Behind The Rising Global Coal Consumption | EconMatters
A primary reason why coal consumption is rising is because of increased international trade, starting when the World Trade Organization was formed in 1995, and greatly ramping up when China was added …

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  1. Philip Rowney says:

    The quality of the coal is on the way down in the west, plenty of sulphur in the brown coal in Russia. China is still having problems with transportation of coal from source the last I heard. When China finishes some of it's infrastructure  projects, they will liky double coal output very easily.

  2. joe breskin says:

    the west coast of the US is rapidly gearing up to export the coal that is about to become 'surplus' to US needs due to be phased out of a bunch of coal-fired energy plants as gas fired energy plants come on line over the next few years.

    Cheap gas is of course the result of fracking and the most interesting numbers I have seen lately – actually touched on in Global Water Intelligence mag Jan 2010 – show a $100B usd market emerging to deal with the groundwater disaster the frackers are causing.  

    I was at a very interesting meeting on Tuesday with some of the area's major power users, the local electrical utility, govt appointeds and electeds etc and the idea that cheap gas was another bubble economy got discussed briefly at the end. I think that definitely needs to be considered.

  3. Rodney Graves says:

    Actually, oil supply is booming.  Two years running now the United States has been a net Exporter, and is on track to become the world's largest single producer of oil.

  4. John Poteet says:

    +Rodney Graves Oil supply isn't booming this is just more GOP propaganda. The fact that you believe your own bullshit stream proves how pathetic your arguments are. 

    In any case we'll have to discontinue our use of oil or accelerating climate change will make much of the U.S. an unlivable hell. 



  5. Rodney Graves says:

    I've just the circle for Poteet…

    I know some folks who refer to their version of the circle as Soon to be Blocked.  I'm more descriptive and call mine fucktards.

  6. John Poteet says:

    +Rodney Graves Honored. It's always interesting to see how long the reality challenged can last before blocking me.

  7. Rodney Graves says:

    Back to the subject.

    Most recent full year data: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CD8QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eia.gov%2Ftodayinenergy%2Fdetail.cfm%3Fid%3D5290&ei=I1zWUIaAHuS0iQLN2YGICw&usg=AFQjCNHS-YeVT5IGKmofYNf7u9nTq2myYw&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.cGE

    This year has seen increasing production so far (despite the 0bama Permatorium in the Gulf of Mexico and the 0bama refusal to sell leasing rights in other areas) and is projected the second year in which our exports will exceed our imports.

    The depressed demand for energy (a lagging indicator of economic health) has contributed to the trend.

  8. Rodney Graves says:

    And here is that well known GOP house organ on production forecasts: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505123_162-57548554/u.s-forecast-to-become-worlds-top-oil-producer/

  9. Rodney Graves says:

    Oh, Japan just withdrew from the Kyoto Treaty on Globull Warming…

  10. Philip Rowney says:

    Whut!? +Rodney Graves really?

  11. Rodney Graves says:

    Which, +Philip Rowney?

  12. Philip Rowney says:

    Kyoto is in Jspsn, right, so if they pulled out, it makes it meaningless to me [ I do have AS ] for the agreement to hold. Has Japan pulled out?

  13. Rodney Graves says:

    Japan has an energy shortage, as most of the Nuclear Plants damaged or taken offline by the earthquake and tsunami were core steady state elements.

    But Japan, along with Canada and Russia, decided not to take part in the Kyoto Protocol's second commitment period. As a result, the greenhouse gas emissions of the countries that are still obliged to observe the Kyoto emissions targets will account for only about 16 percent of the global total. From this point of view, the Kyoto treaty will further lose its effectiveness.

    Explaining its refusal to take part in any extension of the Kyoto Protocol, the Japanese government has said the current treaty is unfair because it imposes mandatory emissions targets only on a certain group of countries

    Now they're having to produce more "greenhouse gasses" to keep the lights on.

  14. Chris George says:


    Required for anyone to have an opinion about global heating. Sit through it, no matter which side you are on. A good dose of reality does a body good.

    The recent drop in gas prices and the export of coal to China is simply a good example of Jevon's Paradox. A year from now, when a lot of the players in the gas drilling business emerge from bankruptcy there will be a new rush to drill more holes as the price is already climbing back into the profitable range. In the mean time a bunch of power producers will switch back to coal as the gas prices are simply too volatile.

    Our province (British Columbia) is currently being conned into subsidizing a large LNG export facility. The idiots actually think there will be a market for fracked gas in Asia. They simply do not realize that the facility is being built to pipe LNG from the coast to the tar sands.

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