How is that garden coming?

” If the world had not delivered $11 trillion in liquidity the past 4 years– $4 trillion of it in the U.S., we’d be in a depression,” the highly respected economic forecaster added for emphasis.

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Fed Ex Shipments Are Totally Contracting – Forbes
It’s Christmas- time and Fed Ex shipments are falling faster than GDP according to economic forecaster Lakshman Acuthan, whom I had lunch with today at our favorite place. At least 5% faster than the …

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  1. John Poteet says:

    Most of that liquidity went exactly nowhere as it was delivered at the top of the financial pyramid and reinvested in financial instruments instead of wage paying structural improvements. 

    But the depression part I totally agree with.

  2. risa bear says:

    http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/BDIY:IND/chart/ click on the 5 year.

  3. John Poteet says:

    +risa bear Exactly. We've been bumping along the bottom since the oil price spike of 2008 forced a global slowdown. This isn't just the U.S.; the global economy is running on vapor and wishful thinking.

  4. Chris George says:

    EROEI and geophysics trumps fiat currency and hopium.

  5. John Poteet says:

    Yup. More and more the money is irrelevant and it's energy and material flows that count.

  6. Chris George says:

    I am watching my provincial government drool over the building of LNG plants to ship large amounts of fracked gas. They are attempting to take advantage of the "Asia Price". They are delusional. By the time they build the terminals China will be fracking their own gas. And Russia is expanding Sahkalin which deals with conventional gas. The terminal on the north coast here will be used to load and pipe gas purchased in Asia for use in the tar sands.

    The scale of the insanity of people thinking that low EROEI shale oil and gas will have the same effect on the economy that LSC from West Texas did is simply incredible.

  7. rudiger bonobo says:

    Fake it til you make it.  What's that?  You don't know how to make anything anymore?  Fake it til you break it.

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