Is this surprising?

Published in the Public Health Nutrition journal, the results reveal that consumers of fast food, compared to those who eat little or none, are 51% more likely to develop depression.

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The link between fast food and depression has been confirmed
A new study along the same lines as its predecessors shows how eating fast food is linked to a greater risk of suffering from depression.

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  1. Bob Lai says:

    It's all connected – the push for convenience and fast foods springs from the 'you don't have time' meme. Gotta take Johnny to soccer practice, and Suzy to volleyball, and then help Jimmy with his science project, and finish 60 hours of work in a 40 hour week and be a team player and work smarter not harder …

    While great pressure can crank out diamonds, remember that it also killed the Terminator, the dinosaurs, and generally renders things into unrecognizable paste.

  2. Chris George says:

    +Bob Lai I ran across a fascinating study about cortisol and how sexy women think men are. They measured the men's testosterone and cortisol levels, took pictures of them, showed the pictures to the women and asked the women (single college girls) to rate them based on how likely they would be to accept a date from the men in the pictures.

    The men with the highest levels of testosterone and the lowest levels of cortisol were the most attractive. Cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone and is the body's primary response to stress.

    I immediately made the connection between this factoid and psychopathy. Psychopaths never experience stress as their brains are incapable of feeling stressed. They simply do not care. This would lead them, in any group of highly stressed individuals, to have a generally higher level of testosterone and therefore be more attractive to women.

    Which explains a lot.

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