Coming soon to an urban area near you.

Coming soon to an urban area near you.

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Utopian ‘Private City’ Envisioned as Crime-Free Oasis | WebUrbanist
A private city surrounded by white walls is envisioned as a crime-free paradise away from the realities of homicide-plagued Guatemala City. But is it realistic?

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  1. Richard Ashley
    Richard Ashley says:

    I see #Shadowrun Arcologies all over again…

  2. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    Aw, c'mon. It won't be crime free and everybody knows it. Slavery, for example, will be conveniently overlooked for the benefit of the wealthy Patrons. Any injuries or sexual crimes where the servant class are victimized will simply be ignored.

  3. Richard Ashley
    Richard Ashley says:

    Not to mention organized crime.

  4. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    +John Poteet It depends how you define "crime".

    If "crime" is simply the contravention of law, well, we know where that goes. If "crime" included thoughts of morality or ethics, well, there is a reason why it doesn't.

  5. Jennifer R. Povey
    Jennifer R. Povey says:

    Mentioning +Nobilis Reed because I know he loves to discuss this kind of thing.

    From the article, it seems the idea is to create a very big gated community. And I certainly wouldn't call it a 'utopia'.

  6. Nobilis Reed
    Nobilis Reed says:

    I fully expect the world to continue moving in this direction.

  7. Nobilis Reed

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