"Favourable regulatory terms" means a government who is willing to use…

"Favourable regulatory terms" means a government who is willing to use violence to stop opposition and a government that is willing to continue providing them with rock bottom royalty rates.

They need to be disabused of that notion and we are the only ones able to do it. We still have the limited democratic powers that our system grants us. We need to use them for the benefit of all of us.

Focusing on shale oil and other hard-to-reach fuels and citing "favourable regulatory terms" in North American countries (namely the US and Canada) for current profit growth, BP plans says that it now hopes less developed countries "will succeed" in paving a path for more unconventional fuel extraction in the coming years. BP's plan says that its global oil extraction could increase over the next two decades.

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BP’s Big Plan: Burn It. Burn It All.
BP CEO Bob Dudley. (Photo: AP)Ignoring overtly and by design the dire and repeated warnings of scientists who say that in order to avoid catastrophic and irreversible changes to the world’s climate we…

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