We keep nibbling around the edges

Eventually we must realize that there simply is nothing like oil.

Though it takes significant energy and resources to produce the super-small silicon balls, the particles could help power portable devices in situations where water is available and portability is more important than low cost.

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Just add water: How scientists are using silicon to produce hydrogen on demand
Super-small particles of silicon react with water to produce hydrogen almost instantaneously, without the need for light, heat or electricity, according to new University at Buffalo research.

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  1. Graham Guy
    Graham Guy says:

    "Eventually we must realize that there simply is nothing like oil"

    Er… what?  You know it's going to run out, right?

  2. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    This technology is an attempt to keep our transportation infrastructure going when the oil runs out. The downside of it is the high energy requirement to make a portable energy source.

    There is simply nothing like oil. The low cost, high EROEI juice that we built a civilization on. It is unfortunate that we didn't recognize the limitations on supply until the 1950s. Perhaps if the early adopters had realized the true nature of it sooner we may have spent some of good stuff on exploring alternatives.

  3. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    Another energy storage technology using water as a reactant. It's a one-way reaction also as far as I can tell. That means that the only advantage to using this would come where there is no likelihood of recharging an energy cell with solar, thermal or muscle power. 

    Good news for spelunkers and cave divers. For the rest of us; not so much.

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