"What's extraordinary about these findings is that it provides some of the…

"What's extraordinary about these findings is that it provides some of the first evidence that early American hunter-gatherers were not as simplistic as we've tended to imagine," says study co-author T.R. Kidder, PhD, professor and chair of anthropology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Archaic Native Americans built massive Louisiana mound in less than 90 days
A massive earthen mound constructed about 3,200 years ago by Native Americans in northeastern Louisiana was built in less than 90 days, and perhaps as quickly as 30 days, according to new research in …

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  1. Cyndi Pauwels
    Cyndi Pauwels says:

    "What's extraordinary about these findings is that it provides some of the first evidence that early American hunter-gatherers were not as simplistic as we've tended to imagine,"

    …only if you believe the Euro-centric history books do you view early Native Americans as'simplistic' and without civilizations.

  2. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    Most people's knowledge of this history comes from Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

  3. Jane Fallek
    Jane Fallek says:

    Americans are always lead to believe no one lived here until Columbus arrived, except for a few Indians. At least that is what I was taught when I was in school in the 50's. I believe there was a large advanced civilization here for thousands of years that we need to learn about.

  4. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    There were massive civilizations in the Americas with advanced agricultural systems. The diseases of the Europeans killed them off.

  5. Jon Murray
    Jon Murray says:

    The evidence is there for a large populations in the America's before the Euro's showed up.

  6. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    Essentially there are large agricultural earthworks that are showing up on deep radar in North and South american indicative of substantial, settled populations. In particular large tracts of the Amazon basin were not  wild jungles but settled gardens with settlements occupied for thousands of years continuously. 

    Agriculture techniques used in Mexico and the Amazon basin were not simply equal to but actually far superior in productivity to anything the Europeans had at the time.

    Potatoes, corn and squash are all superior food crops in terms of calories per acre and unit of human input than wheat, oats and barley. Aquaculture in the Amazon and the domestic turkeys of the aztecs were superior meat animals in terms of proteins per-unit-input which is why we farm catfish and turkeys today. 



  7. David Lazarus
    David Lazarus says:

    US History, in primary and secondary school at least, is neatly packaged garbage.  They're getting better at teaching about the various Native American tribes, but it's still a very "clean" version of what really happened.

  8. David Lazarus
    David Lazarus says:

    +Cyndi Pauwels – That all stems from the Spanish Conquistadors; ergo the Catholic Church.  Anyone who was not Christian was barbaric and killed if they did not convert.  Who were the real barbarians?

  9. Joe DiMinico
    Joe DiMinico says:

    Oh yeah…real primitive of them to base their socio-political decisions on a generational timeline rather than a 4-year-term-limit. (Sarcasm Meter = 3/10)

    And I always thought it was primitive how every tribe usually had at least one member that could remember and identify every visible species – including plant and fungus – within their living range.  I mean, advanced societies have books for that. (Sarcasm Meter = 5/10)

    It's especially primitive that they had a completely integrated sense of living, with division among the concepts work or hunt or play or pray based on the patterns of the Earth rather than forcing unnatural schedules upon themselves.  (Sarcasm Meter = 4/10)

    And no money or debt or lien or interest rates or hedge fund managers destroying the global economy or ponzi schemes – what a primitive bunch of Communists!  What on Earth did they ever do when they went to Mardi Gras?  How did they get their women drunk enough to make poor decisions that always get posted on the internet without the knowledge or permission of the people making them?  (Sarcasm Meter 8/10)

    My God – no wonder they never invented the wheel!  They had such complex spiritual ontology they didn't know what God to pray to for inspiration! (Sarcasm Meter 9/10).

    They also had a specific, detailed, organized set of sexual practices, and educated the pubescent boys that were about to take a wife in what ways to bring about an orgasm in their partner, thereby making "hysteria" and "divorce" almost completely unknown (Sarcasm Meter Off The Charts.)

    Oh well, we can't all be as intelligent or evolved the people in the Bilderburg Group or Skull and Bones.

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