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Dear fellow humans being,

I am running for office in the province where I live for the Green Party of British Columbia. I am here to ask you for what all aspiring politicians want from you. Your support.

Why does that matter to you, someone who probably does not live where I do? We all share a common atmosphere and we all share a common future.

I am here to ask you to help me buy some time. Time for us to implement the solutions, time for us to come up with more new ideas to try to soften the blow of what lies in our future. The thick purple line on the map below is the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline which if built would carry bitumen across the Rocky Mountains, across thousands of streams in a pristine wilderness with little or no environmental oversight on construction. The thick blue line is the Kinder Morgan pipeline that is currently in the permitting phase of a doubling in capacity so it can also carry bitumen to the coast for export to Asia. Both pipelines would require a massive increase in tanker traffic on the irreplaceable British Columbia coast. Both pipelines, just like the Keystone XL, would facilitate the build out of the tar sands.

A recent examination of the net energy of the tar sands points out that once all sources of energy input are accounted for that the Energy Return On Energy Invested (EROEI) is probably 1:1, making it a process for turning natural gas and large amounts of fresh water into a liquid fuel. This makes the tar sands an economic as well as ecological nightmare for the majority of people on this planet. Some, a very few, will do extremely well from this situation. They need to be slowed and stopped.

The province of British Columbia has the power to stop both of these pipelines and to stop any increase in tanker traffic on the coastline. 

I am asking every one of you to support my campaign. I am running in a riding where I have a real chance. Electing the first Green MLA in Canada will send a message loud and clear to the power structures in this country.

I ask every one of you to send me what you can. $5, $50 or $500, depending what you can afford. The political contribution rules here in British Columbia have no restrictions on how much an individual can donate, nor any residency requirements. You donation will be publicly displayed on the government website only if it exceeds $250.

Please consider buying us all a little time by supporting my campaign. And please pass this on to everyone you can in your networks.

We are all in this together.

Chris George
Candidate – Green Party of British Columbia – Shuswap
Healthy People, Healthy Places

Campaign Page: http://www.greenparty.bc.ca/chris_george

Donation Page: http://www.greenparty.bc.ca/donate_to_chris_george

Tar Sands Backgrounders From Skeptical Science


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  1. Kyle Songer
    Kyle Songer says:

    No more fossil fuel burn, please.

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