It’s no wonder we don’t defend the land where we live

We don’t live there. We live in television programs and movies and books and with celebrities and in heaven and by rules and laws and abstractions created by people far away and we live anywhere and everywhere except in our particular bodies on this particular land at this particular moment in these particular circumstances. – Derrick Jensen

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Ackerman and McPherson Dialogue: The idiot box
TV killed the radio star, and it’s killing us, too, one mind-numbing blow at a time. Guy McPherson and Sherry L. Ackerman’s discuss the topic and ask how we can undo the dumbing down.

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  1. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    Oh damn you're in deep Chris. Quoting Derrick Jensen is like being an alien in the dominant, television and FailBook culture. You might be using words they're familiar with but describing a life in tune with the natural world is like telling them how to design a microchip. 

    The eyes seen and the ears will hear but the brain disconnects. Maybe there will be a gap between crisis where people will recall you talking and open up. We can hope.

  2. Cyndi Pauwels
    Cyndi Pauwels says:

    Love the quote

  3. David Lazarus
    David Lazarus says:

    Come on, Transition Voice!  Get it right!  Video killed the radio star.

    Will read article later.

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