Osama, Obama and What Comes Next


Something will happen soon, a bomb, an assassination. It doesn’t really matter. But with the current wars not going well for the Empire, the economy and the currency on the edge of implosion and Osama now safely dead and lined up for martyrdom, the field is clear for the next round. It will come couched as “retaliation” for getting Osama. Hopefully, they spend a little more time on the cover story than they did on his “death”.

Why war? Because people are beginning to wake up to the fact that central banking is actually the sworn enemy of democracy and freedom. When the wheels start coming off of the ponzi scheme that is modern capitalism, the masses of “consumers” who now realize that they really do not have much of a life after all will be looking for someone to blame. If you were the elites of the Empire, what would you do? Wait for the mobs with their pitchforks and torches or engineer a distraction?

The West is bankrupt. Fiscally, morally and ethically. All they have left is the American, and now Canadian, people’s willingness to continue to fund the largest military in the world. And what good is a military if you never use it? And how can you justify using it without good reason?

Pearl Harbour, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11. All good reasons to go and blow some shit up.

Think the people in Iraq are happy to be “liberated” from Saddam’s inhuman rule? When instead they get inhumane treatment from their liberators? At least under Saddam the countryside wasn’t radioactive, the hospitals and schools were open and people could walk the streets at night. Who will be next? Syria? Iran? Lybia actually had the temerity to start doing business with China and to start selling oil in something other than USD. Got them the same treatment as Iraq, for the same offense. Bombed back to the stoneage. And this to a country with a steadily improving human rights record and a leader who actually gave a crap about his people.

So either start preparing for war, start making noise to prevent it or be a good little capitalist and grab some more shares in GE and Raytheon and ignore the morality of being simply “A Good German”. And if you choose the last option, I leave you with a little Ward Churchill:

“It is the collective responsibility of the citizens in a modern state to ensure by all means necessary that its government adheres to the rule of law, not just domestically, but internationally. There are no bystanders. No one is entitled to an “apolitical” exemption from such obligation. Where default occurs, either by citizen endorsement of official criminality or by the failure of citizens to effectively oppose it, liability is incurred by all.”

Be accountable. Open your eyes and hold your leaders to the same standard. Next time it might not be our side running Nuremberg.

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