Nothing elaborate, look to my profile page if you need convincing

I am trying to effect positive change within the existing political system. 

Some say I am a dreamer. But I need to start somewhere.

If every single person in my circles sends me $5 via the Paypal donation page below I will have what I need to defeat the money in my riding. I turn to you, Google+, and the people who have chosen to add me to their circles, for your support.

If you live in British Columbia I can even send you a tax receipt for donations over $20.


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We invite you to explore the Green Party’s new ideas, and to get to know your candidates.

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  1. Rob Salzman
    Rob Salzman says:

    Can non citizens contribute?

  2. Rob Salzman
    Rob Salzman says:

    Sorry. Us citizens.

  3. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    I live in the wild west. Anyone in the world can contribute as much as they want.

    Got deep pockets and want to buy an election? Come to British Columbia. Our resources are for sale and so are our politicians.

    Part of our policy platform is to change this. We would like to see only citizens allowed to contribute and with limits.

    So yes. US citizens can contribute.

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