Anyone else sick from it?

Any attempt to “blame civilization” for our modern epidemic of chronic physical and mental disease is fraught with danger. Yet when the advertisers and politicians and media keep telling us life has never been better, the cognitive dissonance with the misery all around us is hard to ignore, and hard not to ascribe to something larger.

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Too Many Rats in the Cage: Civilization Disease « how to save the world
civ disease chart 2. THE CYCLE OF DISCONNECTION. Almost everyone I know is depressed these days. Friends who are renowned as especially intelligent or informed seem to be the most vulnerable to this malaise, so perhaps ignorance is bliss. The brilliant cartoonist at Hyperbole and a Half has just …

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  1. Edward Morbius
    Edward Morbius says:

    On the one hand: life never has been better — at least from a material standpoint.  The capacity of the planet to sustain this level of habitation and resource consumption, however … is perhaps underlying a fair bit of the anxiety some of us face.

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